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Dieser Kurs kann nicht mehr gebucht werden.

Ayurveda Kochkurs

Ernähren Ayurveda; find the natural way of eating....

  • Beendet
  • 200 Euro
  • Prof.-Böhm-Straße


The biggest chain of labs on our planet must be our kitchens, not only by the number, but also the diversity of stuff they handle and the countless experiments of combinations they experiment. Even during repeating the same cousine, variations are tried each time; knowingly and by mistake or forgetfulness or accident. Continuously they are after discoveries, inventions, improvements and improvisation to satisfy the endless desire of human being for diversity and satisfaction in eating. Dining is one of the biggest unvonventional research directed and supervised by nature, in which we take part each time when we taste, smell, ingest, eat or drink and digest food and drinks.


  • Professor-Böhm-Strasse 3, 94072 Bad Füssing, Deutschland

    + 08531 / 13 55 88

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